Colorado commercial insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance offered by the Young Insurance Group in Colorado provides protection for your business in times of crisis. Our independent insurance agents will work with you to create a policy that offers all the coverage you will need to stay operating after an emergency while staying on budget.

General Liability

Protect your customers, clients and employees with a general liability policy. When somebody suffers an injury on your property or as a result of the operation of your business, liability insurance can ensure medical bills, personal property damage, and even legal fees are covered. Providing assistance with a solid policy to those who suffer helps to build your reputation among the community.

Property Insurance

Ensure your offices, manufacturing location and distribution centers can stay in operation even after suffering damage from weather, fire, vandalism or theft. Commercial insurance works to ensure machinery, vehicles as well as the physical structure can be repaired or replaced, keeping you in business and the money rolling in.

Worker's Compensation

Your most valuable assets are your employees. They will be more loyal and work harder when they know you have sufficient insurance in place to guarantee their health and safety while on the job. Our agents will work with you to ensure you have the right coverage for your size of business, helping you to avoid overpaying when your staffing is minimal.

Commercial Auto

If you use vehicles to transport any part of your business and have employees drive them, commercial auto insurance helps to cover accidents not normally handled by personal insurance. Instead of leaving the liability on your driver, the right policy shifts it on the place of business, as is it should be. Protect your stock and your staff by choosing the right insurance products.

As independent insurance agents, we at The Young Insurance Group in Colorado are committed to helping you select the commercial insurance products needed to protect your business. Give us a call today.