Colorado Motor Home insurance coverage

Motor Home Insurance

After investing in your mobile vacation home, it is time to review how your RV or motor home is insured. The independent insurance agents at the Young Insurance Group in Colorado are prepared to explain the differences between simple auto insurance and the added protection that a motor home policy can provide.

Mechanical Protection

The fact is your rolling camper is not just a commuter vehicle. Whether it is a travel trailer or a Class A motor home, every moving part on it will be more expensive to repair and replace than your sedan. Should you have an accident while traveling, being properly insured to cover the cost of an expert repair shop is critical in returning the second home to the road.


Transferring your RV to a qualified shop will require a heavy-duty tow truck and will likely require extensive mileage. While your trailer may be listed on your regular automobile policy, it likely will not provide the additional coverage needed to transport the RV in time of need. We understand all the extras that you will need on your motor home coverage to ensure your comfort when life is anything but convenient.

Specialized Equipment

A motor home insurance policy can include coverage for unique parts such as the vinyl roof, antennae, stairs, plumbing, heating and kitchen appliances. It's important to talk to an agent in order to ensure that when you suffer a loss to your second home, the right options were selected on your policy such that it can be fully repaired for your next great road trip.


The problem with having your mobile home break down on the road means your bedroom is out of commission. Ask your agent about including vacation replacement costs and emergency lodging expenses on your motor home policy.

When you need a unique policy to protect your mobile lifestyle, give the folks at the Young Insurance Group in Colorado a call for the right coverage the first time.