We’re a Colorado ELP

Protect what you value and build and retain wealth by relying on a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider.

At Young Insurance we work hard, explain your coverage options, and only offer high-quality products to suit your needs and budget. We never try to sell you unnecessary coverage and you always receive the personalized attention you deserve.

Young Insurance is proud to be a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP). The principles and training from this program rely on honesty and sound advice, without hard-sell tactics.  We teach first and sell second.

Who is Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey is a well-known talk show and television host, money-management expert, and New York Times best-seller helping millions build and retain wealth. Ramsey realized how easy it is to go from riches to rags quickly without a proper strategy and good insurance advice.

After losing a small fortune and rebuilding it to over $55 million, he knows avoiding common insurance mistakes can help you prosper. Consequently, he developed a program to help others avoid insurance pitfalls, and now partners with the best in the industry.

What Using an ELP Means For You

The Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) designation isn’t easily earned. Ramsey holds any company he endorses to very high standards. The Ramsey team vets and coaches each company.

The ELP designation proves Young Insurance has a track record of success, an excellent standing in the insurance industry, and a strong commitment to outstanding customer service. We offer a wide range of personal and business insurance products, and we understand the unique challenges that come with growing a family and building a business in Colorado.

Ramsey’s principles of honest business and good advice without sales pressure resonate with our own. Let us fulfill your needs and help you stay on track to reach your life goals.

Being an ELP also means we’re accountable. Every person that uses our services can evaluate our performance through the program. The Dave Ramsey team only recommends the best, and we intend on maintaining our ELP status.

Your Independent Insurance Expert

Young Insurance doesn’t work for one insurance company. Instead, we access many resources to find the ideal coverage and the best rates.

We understand the insurance industry, policy language, and common insurance mistakes. Let us do the legwork for you, find best options, and reduce your risk.

Young Insurance remains committed to the ELP program and ongoing, outstanding performance. Customers always receive the service they deserve. Choosing Young Insurance as your ELP insurance partner makes it more likely you’ll protect what you cherish to reach your financial goals.