Advantages of Working with an Independent Insurance Agency Like Ours

With so many insurance companies selling policies online you may wonder why you should use an insurance agency instead. If you aren’t aware of how an independent insurance agency can benefit you, read on. You’ll soon discover it is very much to your advantage.

More Choices

Direct writers and national insurance companies often use their websites to sell only their products. However, when you work with an independent insurance agency like ours, they represent many companies. Consequently, they can access a much wider variety of coverage options and price points.

You’ll start by speaking with an insurance agent that will identify your needs before they get to work finding you the best possible coverage. You don’t need to fill out multiple online applications for quotes – they take care of all of the legwork for you. Plus, they understand the ins-and-outs of each product, so they show you true comparisons.

Better Value

Many people buy the least expensive policy they can find and hope it will protect them well. However, an insurance agency has in-depth insurance knowledge and industry connections. They know which coverage you need and which companies offer the best value. You only pay for appropriate coverage, not extras you don’t need.

Independent insurance agents also actively seek discounts. Few insurance companies apply them automatically, but your agent checks if they’re offered and whether you qualify. They also offer opportunities to bundle multiple policies for further savings.

Licensed Professionals

Insurance is a complex industry and it isn’t always easy to understand the fine print in a policy. Unfortunately, if you ever need to file a claim the devil is often in the details.

If you have questions, you can hope your online customer service agent knows what they’re talking about. However, they’re probably not a licensed insurance agent who can point out potential issues that could severely impact you in the event of a loss.

Their job is just to answer general questions and sell policies. Chances are you may speak to a different agent every time you call too.

Personal Advocate & Unbiased Advice

Your local independent insurance agency advocates for you. If you have a claim or billing concern or need to add or change your coverage, they work with the insurance company on your behalf.

They don’t work for a particular insurance company so they’re not trying to sell you a particular product to make a sales quota. Instead, they work for you and provide unbiased advice on policy and premium options.

Lifelong Advisors

Insurance needs change as you progress through life. Luckily, when you work with an independent insurance agency they’re interested in what’s new in your life. They periodically review your coverage so you’re covered from when you rent your first apartment to your retirement condo, and everything in between.

Local Business

People who work in your neighborhood understand the benefits and challenges of the local area. They’re also more eager to serve their customers well since they know word-of-mouth and family connections mean everything.

Working with an independent insurance agency in your area helps strengthen community too. Since they’re a local business, they often participate in events, buy from other local businesses, and support charities and sports teams in the area. They’re not some unknown online entity, but real people in a real office you can talk to when needed.

Everything Under One Roof

Shopping for a single policy online is very time-consuming, and it’s often more overwhelming when you need many. Fortunately, an independent insurance agency typically allows you to handle all of your insurance policies under a single roof. Having one point of contact for all of your insurance needs makes your life easier and allows your insurance agent to ensure that you have all of the right coverages in place.

Buying insurance direct might seem less expensive, but if you don’t understand precisely what you’re buying it could leave you at risk. It doesn’t make sense to risk what you treasure when an independent insurance agency in your community can find you the best possible protection at the most reasonable rates.

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