Christie Mueller – Employee Highlight

For this month’s employee highlight, we’d like to show our appreciation for Christie Mueller and let you know a little more about her. Christie joined our team at Young Insurance as a Commercial Lines Account Manager in January, 2018. She has been working in the insurance industry for over fifteen years, learning and working her way up. In her early 20s, she worked as a receptionist at a small managing general agent company, then became an underwriter and has been in the industry ever since.

Along with her extensive experience, what Christie brings to our agency that makes her so valuable to us is her fun, relaxed and caring nature. Even on the tough days, her positive attitude in the office helps everyone enjoy being at work. She fits right in with the laid-back, family-oriented atmosphere we strive for. We truly appreciate her empathy and genuine concern for both her co-workers and clients.

When not at work, Christie is someone who likes to stay active. In the summer she enjoys camping, boating, hiking and mountain biking. During the colder months she does yoga or works out at the gym. She also likes relaxing in the evenings with some wine or delicious, vegetarian Mexican food. Christie absolutely loves animals; something you may not know about her is that she hasn’t eaten any meat since moving from Texas to Colorado in 1993.

Your empathy, intelligence and dedication make it a pleasure to work with you, Christie. Thank you for your exceptional service to our agency!