Employee Spotlight – Ethan Myers

Ethan first got involved with Young Insurance through his mother, Sue Myers, who works as an office manager with the company. Ethan never imagined he would get involved with insurance, but after doing some research into the field he decided that the experience would be a rewarding one in the end. One thing that he does find challenging in his position is the fact sometimes it’s hard to find the best fit for a client due to his newness to the field but he still does his best and is always learning in order to better help the clients and the agency.


Ethan’s first impression of the agency was one that most people have – that they’re an outstanding agency that truly believes in helping their clients and customers. One thing that he wants everyone to know is that Young Insurance truly is in the business of making families safe. No corners for price and quality are ever cut. He might be new to the insurance industry, but Ethan is more than eager to help assist clients with protecting their assets.


When Ethan is not working to help protect families and learn all that he can about the insurance industry, he spends his free time working with hip-hop music. Music is one of his main interests outside of work, but he also makes time to spend with his girlfriend and dog, and even help people better themselves through personal training! He’s got an easygoing attitude inside and out of work, and while he describes himself as talkative that only adds to the charisma that he brings to the agency!