Marni Morgan – Employee Spotlight

For today’s blog, we’d like to show our appreciation for Marni Morgan, and let you know a little more about her. Marni has been working in insurance since 2011 and joined us here at Young Insurance Group as a Personal Lines Account Manager in the summer of 2017. She proves every day how dedicated she is to providing the best customer service and building lasting relationships with her clients. One satisfied client raves about her, “Marni is one of the most professional and responsive people I’ve had the pleasure of working with . . . each time she goes above and beyond my expectations with regard to thoroughly researching a solution to my unique issue.” We couldn’t agree more! One of the things we value so much about Marni is that she always puts her clients first!


When Marni isn’t working, she enjoys going out to eat, flying, traveling, camping and fishing (though she isn’t a fan of eating them!). She loves spending time with her husband in the great outdoors during the summer months. Marni has a big family with five kids, three grandkids and five pets.


Though Marni has been with us less than two years, she has already made a huge positive impact at our agency. She is outstanding at her job, and her caring nature and gregarious personality make her a pleasure to work with. We want Marni to know how much we appreciate all she does for Young Insurance, and hope that she will remain with us for many more years to come!