Colorado Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Let us help you manage your Colorado Workers’ Compensation insurance costs

Colorado Workers’ Compensation insurance is a must for employers with one or more full or part-time employees. It’s designed to protect you and your employees, but that doesn’t mean it is simple to understand or all insurance offerings are precisely the same.

Access to Many Carriers

The workers’ compensation insurance environment is increasingly complex and challenging. As an independent insurance agency, Young Insurance can simplify the buying process, analyze various carrier offerings and evaluate their coverage and price. We will find the best insurance package for your business at the most reasonable cost.

Expertise Reduces Risk

Even though many companies can sell you coverage, few know how to refine your program or how to find and fix classification errors and other issues. Even fewer understand legal, legislative and compliance demands which can lead to reviews, stiff penalties, and lawsuits if your company fails to meet requirements.

Young Insurance is a well-established Colorado insurance agency with a reputation for staying up-to-date on regulatory, legal and compliance changes so your company always remains compliant. We know when exceptions apply and when you should classify a person as an employee or a contractor so you’re not blind-sided by simple mistakes.

Data Analysis Saves You Money

Before recommending a particular carrier, we look at past claims and pinpoint problem areas. By recommending ways you can limit frequent, small claims, you save money.

At Young Insurance, we don’t just sell you a Colorado workers’ compensation insurance policy – we analyze your risk, compare you to others in your industry, and work with you to reduce workplace illness and injuries. We can even help you lower your Experience Modification Rate for lower premiums.

Prepare for an Audit

Before a workers’ comp audit, you can depend on us to review your job classifications and other pertinent issues. Mistakes are corrected before the audit takes place to avoid time-consuming and costly problems.

Review Employee Injury Data

We can ensure that the data submitted for your experience modification rating is accurate. Precise figures of the amounts paid and reserved are paramount for an accurate EMR.

Help You Build a Return-to-Work Program

Our team will take an active role in helping you reduce your Colorado workers’ compensation insurance costs. By working with our team to create return-to-work program, you’ll see significant cost savings, increase employee satisfaction, and improve productivity.

Qualify for Discounts

Businesses do not have control over their Colorado workers’ compensation insurance rates as they’re set by the state, but they can work with an insurance company that actively seeks discounts on their behalf.

If you operate a large business, you could qualify for a substantial discount. Your company may also qualify for a discount if you’re a member of a professional, trade, or industry association.

Implementing and maintaining standardized safety programs can also lead to a cost containment discount after certification.

An experienced Young Insurance agent can explain the ins-and-outs of Colorado’s workers’ compensation insurance regulations, while finding you the best policy for your business.

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