Whether you’re building machines, tools, construction materials, or crafting beer, let Young Insurance protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

You operate on tight deadlines and profit margins, so you need to protect your business from risk. Many factors can affect your business adversely, but the right insurance coverage can protect you from financial harm.

Unique Risks

As a manufacturing business, you face all of the risks of a typical business, and much more. Manufacturing often involves costly equipment, tools, and materials. Your company may occupy one or more buildings to receive and store goods, conduct various stages of work, test products, and ship to customers.

Your business has much more capital invested in the workplace than most other industries, and much more at risk. You can’t afford to be shut down because of a disaster or other setback.

Your employees may use vans or trucks for deliveries, forklifts in your warehouse, and powerful machinery and hazardous materials in the production process. This means you’re also at higher risk of employee injuries and lawsuits.

And if your product causes harm to others? You could end up in an expensive court battle. Just one lawsuit could severely impact your business and jeopardize your future.

Complex Coverage Handled Under One Roof

Your manufacturing business likely needs more than one policy. At Young Insurance, we offer high-quality commercial liability, property, auto, and workers’ compensation coverage under one roof.

As a Colorado insurance expert, we’ve protected manufacturing businesses since 2006. Let us simplify the insurance process and tailor your coverage to the unique needs of your manufacturing business. We provide prudent advice, value for your insurance dollar, and outstanding risk analyses.

Let our extensive experience protecting Colorado manufacturing businesses give you the edge you need. We work hard to provide the utmost coverage within your budget.

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