Medical Offices

Let us protect you from your unique business risks. We tailor coverage so you receive exceptional value for every insurance dollar you spend.

Operating a medical office or clinic comes with a very unique set of risks. You deal with people’s health, lives, and their personal data. Let Young Insurance find the ideal coverage to provide the level of protection your business deserves.

Core Coverage…and More

Your medical office needs core coverage for your property and contents, especially since medical equipment is very costly to replace. Loss or damage to computers and other electronic media also demands special attention.

Medical offices also risk disease outbreaks which can force relocation. Medical personnel can also find themselves in a lawsuit due to errors, flawed systems, poor processes, or disgruntled patients.

Your business also handles sensitive patient data. If a criminal hacks your system it could lead to large losses, especially if they use this information to steal someone’s identity or access financial accounts. Ransomware is also a growing concern and standard commercial policies do not cover cyber liability.

Young Insurance understands the risks associated with running a medical office. We have accesses to high-quality products and we’ll always recommend the best protection for your business. We do not try to sell you coverage you do not need.

Total Coverage for Your Business Needs

Young Insurance is a full-service insurance company. We offer commercial property and liability coverage, business owner and umbrella policies, commercial auto insurance, and workers’ compensation coverage.

We always explore opportunities for discounts, we’re a Colorado business, and as an Endorsed Local Provider, we’re recognized as an industry leader dedicated to honest, fair business practices and excellence.

Exceptional Service

Many insurance agencies are only interested in selling you a policy. Once you buy, you become just another name in their database. Not so with Young Insurance. Our exceptional service sets us apart from the competition.

We treat you with the respect you deserve and provide service with a smile. Ask questions – we provide clear, thorough answers. We can help you choose a policy, change your coverage when needed, or help you handle a claim should the need arise.

Contact us – we’re here to help.

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