Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors spend considerable time, effort, and capital on their properties, but without proper insurance coverage it could all disappear in a flash.

As a real estate investor, you face unique risks and no two investments are ever the same. Why risk your future with a standard insurance policy?

Protect Your Future

Your capital’s tied up in your investment until you sell, so it’s very important you protect it. Even a partial loss can seriously affect your investment career, never mind a total loss or lawsuit.

Without proper insurance coverage you’re jeopardizing everything, including your assets and future income. A well-crafted insurance policy provides core protection and also addresses investment risks which threaten your financial security.

Business investors may buy vacant properties and invest in upgrades. Vacant properties require special coverage until you either sell or rent, and they do not qualify for a standard insurance policy.

Real estate investors who act as a general contractor during renovations or rent their buildings to tenants need an insurance expert to align coverage with risk. Young Insurance has the expertise and experience you need. You’ll receive excellent protection and value, whether you’re insuring a single or multi-family dwelling, an apartment building, or a commercial structure.

Full Service Agency

Young Insurance works with real estate investors often and we understand your challenges. We want you to have a simple, straightforward insurance experience.

Fortunately, you do not need to deal with multiple companies for your real estate investing business. Young Insurance is a full-service insurance agency offering all aspects of business insurance.

Understand Your Coverage

As a real estate investor you always need to address risk, but how can you know if you’re truly protected if you can’t understand what you’re buying?

Insurance policies are notoriously difficult to understand and packed with exclusions, exceptions, and complicated language. You need an industry expert in your corner who’s willing and able to explain the details in simple language. At Young Insurance we do that, and more.

We use our knowledge to find the best high-quality products for you and your business. We don’t use hard-sell tactics or try to sell you coverage you don’t need. Ask questions and get the answers you deserve – always.

Unbiased Advice

Young Insurance is an independent insurance agency, so we’re not tied to specific carriers or products. We get to know your business and then find products that suit your needs. We don’t squeeze your business into a cookie cutter policy.

By accessing many resources and analyzing the coverage that each provides, we can find what works best for you so you never spend more than needed.

Quick, Friendly Service

You work in a fast-paced business which demands quick responses. When you have questions, need coverage, or want to file a claim, we’re here to serve you.

We know you’d rather focus on your real estate portfolio than insurance, so let us do what we do best. We have the experience and expertise you need to protect your investments and maximize your ROI.

Contact us – we’re here to help.

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