Whether you run a small startup from home or a well-established, you need to protect your technology business.

Standard insurance policies do not provide the protection that your technology company deserves. Your industry is unlike others, and so are your risks.

Protection from Unique Risks

Anyone can sell you an insurance policy, but few understand the challenges of the technology industry. It’s fast-paced and ever-changing and errors do occur. Development problems, programming errors, integration issues, and loss of key personnel can cause serious repercussions for your business if you’re not properly protected.

Whether you design software, apps, websites, or devices, you can never predict when someone could file a lawsuit. If your product does not perform and your client suffers a financial loss, your company could be on the hook for damages.

Understand Your Coverage

Insurance policies use complex language, detailed clauses, and exclusions and exceptions. Some general liability policies exclude software and programming services, which can leave your business open to lawsuits.

At Young Insurance, we want you to understand precisely what’s covered, what’s not, and why we recommend particular products. Why rely on a standard policy that doesn’t provide the coverage you need? We fine tune your coverage for ultimate protection, without spending money on coverage you don’t need.

Coverage That Grows With You

The needs of a small startup operating out of a home office differ substantially from a burgeoning business or a well-established leader. The convenience of working with one insurance company throughout your business life-cycle saves you time and money.

Young Insurance provides expert advice and unparalleled customer service as your business grows. We make a point of getting to know your business, analyze policies and cost, and find what works best for you. You’ll never deal with hard-sell tactics and we won’t try to sell you coverage you don’t need.

Insurance Under One Roof

Young Insurance wants you to have a simple, straightforward insurance experience. You do not need to deal with one insurance agency for your commercial auto coverage, another for your business, and yet another for workers’ compensation. We provide all of this, and more.

Unbiased Advice

We’re an independent insurance agency and we work for you.

We access many high-quality resources, analyze their coverage and price, and only recommend what’s best for your business. We’re honest and happy to answer questions. We want you to make wise insurance decisions so you can protect what you’ve worked hard to build.

We Live & Work in Colorado

Young Insurance is a Colorado business, too. If you need to ask a question, change your coverage, buy a new product, or file a claim, you’ll speak with a fellow Coloradan. Our skilled agents and advisors are straightforward, transparent, and honest.

Contact us – we’re here to help.

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